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About Us


Gobi Boutique carries 100% pure cashmere products from GOBI Mongolian Cashmere, the number one luxury cashmere brand in Mongolia. GOBI was established in 1981 by the joint effort of Mongolian and Japanese governments, and it has gained a reputation of the top 100% cashmere coat producer in the world. Over the years, the company has created 1,700 jobs for the locals, and two-thirds of them are women who help to support their families, and many of them are leading an independent life. 

GOBI is fully committed to our environment and sustainable cashmere. Partnering with The Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), GOBI is doing a groundwork to help the eco system. The sustainability of Mongolian cashmere focuses on preserving and restoring grasslands, ensuring animal welfare, and securing livelihoods of the nomadic herders. 

Cashmere production is the main source of income for the nomadic herders. GOBI strongly supports Fair Trade and no middle-man approach to make sure the local herders get a fair price for their cashmere. Animal welfare is an important topic within the cashmere production. GOBI ensures the most natural and sustainable method is always used when harvesting cashmere which is the herders gently hand-combing each naturally grazed goat.